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"Vietnamese cuisine is having a moment, and it's clear why after a visit to Chiswick's Ngon. With delicious traditional dishes such as prawn and pork summer rolls, bowls of pho and rish dishes to die for, each item promises a true taste of Vietnam. Try out the traditional grilled pork vermicelli bowls, or indulge in the lotus root salad."
Absolutely Chiswick
“What a brilliant addition to the
High Road this is...
This is a genuine locally owned independent with very
friendly staff and great food.”
Perfect vietnamese food
and hearty portions - the summer
rolls are outstanding, the pho exactly what's needed.” 
“It really tastes like when I was in
south east asia. I've tried a lot of Vietnamese places but Ngon is the
only one that gets it right.” 
" Ngon " which means ‘delicious’ in Vietnamese, and is pronounced a little
like ‘non’ or ‘nahn’– lives up to its name.!” 
"Special banh mi
baguette is amazing." 
“Great food, great prices,
great people!” 
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